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Future Arcola will unite art, science, community and business to deliver practical and desirable approaches to sustainable living. The next step in the evolution of Arcola Theatre, it builds upon nearly 10 years of acclaimed operations and will put Hackney at the forefront of re-thinking society for the 21st Century.

At the heart of Future Arcola will sit an expanded Arcola Theatre venue including an enlarged main house to draw exceptional national and international productions. Around this core will sit the Arcola Energy sustainable technology incubator, enterprise and skills studios and ethical café/bar/restaurant facilities.

Activities will spill out on to the surrounding public squares and green spaces, drawing new audiences in to the venue and at the same time delivering content and fostering civic pride in Dalston’s newly improved public realm. This Launch Pad programme of popular education, information, advice and events will attract and link people to a wide range of new opportunities.


Through green building techniques, exemplary management and on-site renewable power generation, Future Arcola will be an ultra-low carbon venue. These technologies and techniques will form a visitor attraction in themselves.

Arcola Theatre – three auditoria including one large enough to accommodate mid-scale theatre and music productions

Arcola Energy Incubator – a curated hub of technology, product development and design companies including world-class innovation start-ups alongside advanced technology groups from multinational companies

Arcola Launch Pad - a promotional stage for eco-focused events and informal entertainment

Arcola Enterprise Centre – a space for emerging entrepreneurs

Arcola Learning and Skills studios – for volunteer, education and apprenticeship programmes

Green, urban linear park (now open) – a key piece of Dalston public realm, for meeting, relaxation and community gardening

Bicycle hub and green gym – providing facilities for cycle commuters accessing public transport and promoting healthy eco-lifestyles

Eco Café/Bar/Restaurant - simple, healthy and good food and drink in a welcoming environement for theatre goers, neighbours and passers-by.



January 2011 - Arcola moves to Colourworks at 24 Ashwin St
After 10 years, Arcola Theatre leaves Arcola Street and moves to Ashwin Street. More details here.

Summer 2010 - Dalston Eastern Curve Garden opens
Arcola is one of several local organisations supporting this new community garden - see www.dalstongarden.com

October 2009 - Arcola granted Land Options on Ashwin Street
London Borough Hackney agrees to lease one of 2 development sites at 2-8 Ashwin St and 1-7 Ashwin St. Both sites lie within the Cross Rail Two safeguarded zone and thus no decision is expected before mid-2011.

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www.arcolatheatre.com / www.arcolaenergy.com

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